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The Full Story Of Shady And Danith-CC

March 31st, 2016, 4:23 pm

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I guess it should come at no surprise that this was insprired by shrinking by connor :3

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Reply, March 31st, 2016, 4:29 pm

A long time ago in a distant blahblahblah its a stars war thing... So with a lot of work and DETERMINATION, i bring forth the opal maximus of stories...sit down kids this is LONG.
First off we have Danith, offically created to be like me...he tells the story of shady before insanity, his friends and even foresights "the event" that caused shady to get his infamous hat, cakifaction and lame cliches.
To put it bluntly shady started as a normal oc who hit shadow complex-a-dee of explaination, ironic since his old name was Shadow or Mirror kirby, he says MK when refering to this. his nickturnedoffical name is Shady as in sh-ad-ee not sh-a-d-ee. And A little insight that infact CC has small bits of 4th wall powers too.

This story was my way of really opening the door to them an expanding...hope you enjoyed

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Reply foxpuff, March 31st, 2016, 4:39 pm

I can barely read the font used for the explanation.

Reply, March 31st, 2016, 4:53 pm

Incase you cant read chiller:
Panel 1: After looking at connor look into the past, is it funny that they seem "platonically same".
Panel 2: Shady and Him Stories Parallel in a way I previously didn't see. They both made sacrifices for their self.
Connor is dark. Shady is twisted.
Panel 3: I shall try to shady story thou it is not easy
Panel 4: It should come to surprise when first concieved and created shady was a normal mirror kirby born in the mirror dimension. actually he was deemed TOO normal.

A week from his birthwake which was 45 years early compared to kirbies 100...he was appointed a job.
Panel 5: To say the least, younger non-crazy shady was layed back, and was more concerned about... Friends. Odd thing huh. A little like connor somewhat. But... He was shy, simple and logical.
But will get back on that a little later.
Panel 6: Then came his first degree of oddness. He discovered in unknown talent of being able to see beyond the surface...but not interact. He was an "Aware".
He met a odd voice called the nattarator who whilst being their to nattarate was actually an DARK creature planning mirror's destrucion.
Panel 7: at first it was fine, he had his Norm, Hanging with friends.
Panel 8: Complaints by local frienemy Gost, to just he went forth to meet some new faces.
Panel 9: And despite most thinking him "coco". He soon got use to what he called Sky Voice.
His journies a plenty his friends numerious, just as...
Panel 11: His life was Decent, Fun at least until...
Panel 13: an Event so dealy. Created ll from that sky voice instructions leading to betrayal. So Dangerous, so tear breaking sad.
That led to a fight against the true form of Sky voice. As Reality collapse upon itself to just unbelievable proportions.
It was Desperation to the extremist which lead to the ultimate choose and the BIGGEST sacrifice.
Panel 14: And i find this shockingly funny. heh, how obstract.

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